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What is climate control?

Air conditioning is the creation of specific temperature and humidity conditions in order to achieve a comfortable environment.

We can air-condition an environment by heating (increasing the temperature) or air-conditioning (decreasing the temperature).

So you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or office, we offer you our catalog of air conditioning products where you can buy the best products at the best price. If you need a split air conditioner, an electric storage heater, a water heater or a thermostat, Eria Componentes will be happy to help you find the best air conditioning products!

Stay cool all summer long thanks to our range of air conditioners.
Why buy an air conditioner? The answer is simple, thanks to its structure you will be able to keep the rooms cool in summer while in winter thanks to its air humidification function you will protect your mucous membranes against the harmful dryness generated by heating. Another advantage of buying an air conditioner is that you don’t need an exhaust hose, only cold water.
With its wheel system you can put it anywhere in the house.
Why wait to buy your air conditioner at Eria Componentes Eléctricos?