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What is pool lighting and what is it for?
Swimming pool lighting consists of creating lighting environments to make the pool even more pleasant. There are many luminaires that can be installed in a swimming pool, such as LED spotlights, energy saving lamps, remote controlled LEDs and bulbs to illuminate the perimeter.
Which pool light to buy?
If you are thinking of buying pool lights, you need to know that you need specific lights, resistant to humidity and dust. In Eria you will find a complete catalog for the lighting of your pool with the best prices on the market. And if you have any questions, we are here to help you.
Types of pool lamps
When buying lighting for swimming pools, you should keep in mind that there are different types of lamps. At Eria Componentes we know that there are customers who are looking for aesthetic pool lights, while other users are only looking to illuminate the pool in a practical way.

The use of halogen lamps for swimming pools is decreasing. In fact, they are often used in the vicinity of swimming pools. However, LED lamps for swimming pools are the most common.
LED lamps for swimming pools
At Eria componentes we want you to be able to swim in your pool at any time, no matter if it is day or night. Here you can buy LED lamps of all colors and sizes. It will also come in handy for underwater lighting.