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What are tertiary spreads and what is the difference with residential spreads?
Tertiary earth leakage circuit breakers are a type of earth leakage circuit breaker used in industrial and commercial installations to protect against abnormal currents. Unlike residential differentials, tertiary differentials are designed to withstand higher currents and voltages, and to protect against a wider variety of abnormal conditions.

Tertiary differentials are used in commercial environments to protect people and equipment against earth leakage currents, and also to protect equipment against overloads and short circuits. These devices are designed to withstand the toughest working conditions and to provide reliable protection in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

In addition to being more robust and resilient, tertiary differentials are also have a different firing curve compared to residential differentials. While residential differentials usually have a type C tripping curve, tertiary differentials may have type B, C or D tripping curves.

The tripping curve refers to how the device responds to an abnormal current. Curve C is more sensitive and activates quickly at small currents, while curve D is less sensitive and activates only at higher currents. Curve B is an intermediate curve between curves C and D.

In a commercial environment, it is important to have an adequate tripping curve to ensure efficient protection against abnormal currents. The tertiary differentials with curve B, C or D are adjustable according to the needs of each installation and are more suitable for environments with higher currents and voltages.

Which automatic should I buy?
At EriaComponents, we are committed to offering you the best products and services in the market, especially in terms of tertiary differentials. We offer only the best brands and models, with advanced features and durable design to ensure safe and reliable protection in your industrial and commercial environment.

We have a wide variety of tertiary differentials from leading brands such as Eaton, Schneider, and Circutor, which are recognized for their quality and reliability. Our products are of high quality, comply with safety standards and are designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. In addition, we offer tertiary differentials with B, C or D curve, to adapt to the needs of each installation. We also offer competitive prices and fast shipping so that you can have your product in the shortest possible time.

At EriaComponents, we pride ourselves on offering you only the best products and services on the market, and we are confident that our tertiary spreads will meet your needs and requirements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help finding the right tertiary differential for your industrial or commercial application.